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Grupo Industrial AlgelTM (Gi Algel) is a mexican company that has extensive experience in the study of products that come from seaweeds.


The forementioned experience allows Gi Algel to have trust-worthy and competitive products in the food industry, such as kappa carrageenans, both refined and semi-refined, Agar-Agar, among others.


A warehouse and a carrageenan standardization plant in Estado de México are part of Gi Agel infrastructure.

It also has physicochemical and bacteriological laboratories that assure a constant quality in our products.


Carrageenans can have different functions and textures according to the use they are given.



- Stabilization of emulsions

- Stabilization of proteins

- Particle suspension

- Fluidity control

- Water retention



- Firm or elastic

- Fragile or strong

- Crystalline o murky

The uses given to carrageenans are mainly focused on the food industry:



candy and sweets

beverages and others


These carrageenans are especially designed for the elaboration of meat products, both raw or cooked, made either by massaging or injection. They allow the development and reformulation of an already existent product line.


Products: ham, chop, bacon, sausage, large steak, feet, hamburger, fresh meat, etc.



- Allows high-performance.

- Interacts directly with the meat protein for the binding process.

- Increases the texture of product allowing a much more natural final texture.

- Makes slicing the product easier and improves its juciness.


The high reactivity of the carragenan when combined with the protein of the link causes the formation of gels and water retention. This allows the stabilization and gelification of dairy products.


Product: ice-cream, milk, drinkable and thick yogurt, cream, chocolate milk, cheese and cheese analogue, etc.



- Provides stability.

- Does not allow the seclusion of particles and prevents the separation of the lipid and aqueous phase.

- Gives firmness to the product by forming gels.

- Increases the creaminess of the product.

candy and sweets

In this case, carrageenans are used to keep the textures soft and attractive. The use of Kappa or Iota carrageenan makes it possible to obtain jello-like desserts


Products: jello, jelly, chewing gum, jelly fruit candy, bread gloss, jam, fruit caramel, meringue, comfits, etc.



- Offers a wide variety of textures.

- Transparent gels that are stable at room temperature.

- Does not require refrigeration to set.

- Low syneresis.

- Makes removing the product from molds easier and improves the release of flavors.

beverages and others

The excellent benefits provided by the carrageenans make them a great choice to use in the preparation of some beverages and sauces.


Products: dressings, syrup, sauces, beer, wine, vinegar, soy-based beverages, lfruit juice (liquid and powder forms), etc.



- Helps the suspension of particles.

- Works as a thickening agent.

- Gives brightness to the product.

- Phase stabilizer.

- Controls the viscosity of the product.


Carrageenans y gums


Standardized semi-refined Kappa carrageenans

- Ibergel 5H

- Secogel EC

- Secogel EC

- Secogel EC

- Secogel EC


Standardized refined Kappa carrageenans

- Secogel TC

- Secogel MF



- Konjac

- Algarrobo

- Xantana

agrochemical and

organic division

Gi Algel has a very successful agrochemical and organic division with nationally and internationally recognised products, such as fertilizers and root stimulants.

Concentrated extract of two seaweed: Macrocystis pyrifera y Gelidium robustum, which are harvested in the coast of Baja California and have a very high commercial and nutritional value.

Root stimulant, a mixture of algae extracts and humic acids used in irrigation systems.

Liquid extract made of guano from sea birds that live in the coast of Baja California. This extract is designed mainly to use on organic crops. Its components, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are immediately bioavailable.

Regional distributors of


nationwide coverage

Cd. Guzmán - Jalisco


Zamora - Michoacán


Moroleón - Guanajuato


Ciudad de México


Estado de México

Algas Pacific






nationwide coverage

business partners

Gi Algel has the commercial representation of ROKO, a Spanish company and global lider in the manufacturing of Agar-Agar;  Pidafoods, a company with extensive experience in the food additive market; and Algas Pacific, a mexican enterprise dedicated to the production of agrochemical and organic products for crops.





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